Wheat Flakes

Add wheat flakes for a bit of crunchy good taste

Heartier in texture and packed with nutrition, Nith River wheat flakes add a crunchiness and heart-warming flavour to granolas, prepared cereals and snack bars.


Nith River Milling accepts only the finest wheat kernels, then cleans and stabilizes them to neutralize the enzymes that would cause rancidity. After being gently steamed, the wheat flakes are rolled in our flaking mill to create a robust flake perfect for food manufacturers or the wholesale market.


The goodness of 100% whole wheat in a yummy flake

The whole wheat flakes provide consumers with the nutrition of 100% whole wheat, including the bran and the germ. Packed with essential minerals, vitamins and fibre, wheat flakes make the perfect snack or breakfast food for healthy families.


Nith River wheat flakes are 100% whole grain. This means that they naturally contain the wheat germ which is rich in vitamin E, folate, niacin and vitamin B6 as well as zinc, manganese and magnesium, and other important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


Source your wheat flakes from Ontario

void production delays by sourcing your wheat flakes from Nith River Milling in Wellesley, Ontario, under two hours from Toronto, two hours from Buffalo and Port Huron, and four hours from Detroit. Call 519-656-2231 to ask about our on-demand shipping services.


Environmentally friendly wheat flakes

With our modern, European equipment, we mill our wheat flakes in the most resource and energy efficient way possible. And our clients in eastern Canada and the eastern USA can assure consumers they produce fewer carbon emissions by shipping their wheat flakes from southern Ontario.

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