Toasted Barley

Add flavour and good health to your soup and stew products

Toasting is a favourite technique used by chefs to enhance the flavour, colour and texture of pearled barley. Nith River Milling supplies already-toasted barley for manufacturers of soups, stews and other hearty meal choices.


Our quality barley kernels are carefully cleaned, stabilized, de-hulled and further polished. They are then lightly toasted until they are a pleasant caramel colour and slightly tenderized. Every step in this process is carefully monitored to ensure that you receive quality toasted barley every time.


Nith River toasted barley provides superior nutrition

Health Canada recommends including toasted barley in your diet because it is an excellent source of beta-glucan, an insoluble dietary fibre that reduces cholesterol and the risk of heart. It is also an excellent source of niacin, magnesium, selenium and other valuable vitamins and minerals.


Use Nith River toasted barley for a lower carbon footprint

Nith River toasted barley is milled using fewer water and energy resources. Our state-of-the-art milling facilities use European equipment designed for the careful management of precious natural resources.


Reduce the carbon emissions associated with your food ingredients

Over 95% of the barley sourced by Nith River is grown in Ontario and we are located near Toronto in southeastern Ontario, just 2 hours from Detroit, 2 hours from Port Huron and 4 hours from Buffalo.


Food industry clients located in eastern Canada and the eastern U.S. will benefit from reduced transportation costs and our on-demand shipping services.

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