Thick Large Flake Oats

The thick large oat flake – it’s good and thick!

What’s good about the thick (large) oat flake? Consumers are asking for less processed ‘whole food’ cereals which offer them taste and nutrition they can see! Thick large flake oats provide the high note in your granola mix, snack bar or healthy cold cereal – and they are more durable during the mixing process.


Good for granola! 

Thick flake oats are the ideal ingredient for manufacturing granola or granola bars. Thick large flake oats are sturdier and more resilient than the thinner flake and they do not lose their shape or nutritional integrity when put through ribbon mixture blenders.


How thick is thick?  

Nith River large flake oats can be rolled to different thicknesses to create oat flakes unique benefits for snack and cereal manufacturers. These are our specifications for our thick, regular and thin (large flake) oats: Specification sheets are available.


We also custom mill large flake oats according to your exact specifications for moisture levels and thickness. Please contact us at 519-656-2231 for our specifications or to ask for a sample. Product is shipped by bags or by tote.

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