Steel Cut Oat Groats

Making the perfect oat flour 

Steel cut oats are ideal for grinding into oat flour – a nutritious, high-protein alternative to wheat flour. Nith River supplies steel cut oats to specialty flour mills and wholesale bakers throughout Ontario and the eastern US.


Oat flour provides key nutrients not found in wheat flour, such as beta-glucan, a soluble fibre recommended by Health Canada for lowering cholesterol.  It is also high in selenium, thiamine, phosphorous, and manganese and anti-oxidants.  Oat flour is also a low-gluten flour, considered a better choice for some people who are sensitive to gluten. 


Why are steel cut oats so healthy? 

Steel cut oats provide a hearty, healthy food choice. They are packed full of the key nutritional benefits found in oats. Unlike wheat, oats provides an excellent source of soluble fibre. One cup of steel cut oats provides 8g of beta-glucan, a soluble fibre which helps to reduce cholesterol and therefore reduces the risk of heart disease. 


The low glycemic advantage

Steel cut oats are a low glycemic food (42 on the glycemic index) compared with large flake oats (50 GI) and instant oatmeal (65 GI). This makes them an excellent food choice for people who are concerned about Type 2 Diabetes.


Irish porridge is catching on! 

Food lovers are re-discovering the appeal of an Irish tradition – the ultimate hearty porridge made from steel cut oats, also called Irish Oats. 


Steel cut oat porridge is now being served by upscale cafés in trendy districts and celebrated in food blogs and articles on sustainable eating. Steel cut oats require a longer cooking time, 20 to 30 minutes, usually with 3 parts water to 1 part steel cut oats. For an extra rich flavour, the steel cut oats can be toasted with butter in the pot before adding water. Soaking them over night reduces cooking time and results in a creamier texture. They are delicious with milk and butter added.


Nith River quality and production

Nith River’s steel cut oats are 100% Ontario-grown and are available as coarse, medium or fine. They are made from only the highest quality food grade oat groats which are carefully cleaned, stabilized and steel cut according to our stringent quality control guidelines.


Please contact our office (519-656-2231) for our specifications or to inquire about our custom milling services. We also provide on-demand shipping to eastern Canada and the eastern US. Product is shipped by bags or by tote.

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