Going green - take a simple step forward!

In times of economic restraint, sometimes the simple solutions are the best ones.


Sourcing your milled grains from Nith River Milling in southern Ontario can be a simple, cost-effective part of your ongoing commitment to produce eco-friendly products.


Ontario Grown

99% of the grains sourced by Nith River Milling come from Ontario growers. And our location in central Canada means that we can more effectively service manufacturers in Eastern Canada and the Eastern US than can growers and milling companies in Western Canada.


Located near Toronto, Canada

Flakes and barley shipped by rail from western Canada have 3 week shipping dates. Purchasers often face weather delays and rail demurrage charges.


Nith River Milling is located less than 2 hours from Toronto, Ontario. It is also 2 hours from Buffalo, New York, 4 hours from Detroit, Michigan and 2 hours from Port Huron, Michigan. That means we can get your product to you when you need it – and for a fraction of the cost.


We provide on-demand shipping anywhere in eastern Canada or the north eastern United States. Call 519-656-2231 today to inquire 

about shipping arrangements for your product.

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