Quick Cook Oats

Quick and easy nutrition for your customers

Life can be a bit hectic. That’s why quick cook oats are the perfect ingredient for breakfast and snack time! A nutritious whole grain cereal, quick cook oats provide both convenience and the unbeatable nutrition of whole grain oat products.


Nith River quick cook oats are simply steel cut oat groats that have been steamed and flaked in our rolling mills.  Quick cook oats (also called rolled oats) offer whole grain nutrition in a delicious, convenient form.  We supply manufacturers and distributors with quick cook oats in a range of flake sizes (including ‘minute’ oats or ‘baby’ oats).


Count on Nith River Quality  

Whether it’s the convenience of a manufactured cereal, snack bar or pastry made from nutritious quick cook oats – or a quick-to-make hot oat porridge – count on Nith River Milling to supply outstanding ingredients every time.


Nith River quick cook oats are made using only the finest quality Ontario-grown oats. Thoroughly tested upon receipt, these quality oats are dehulled, cleaned and stabilized to preserve their shelf life and quality. Then they are then steel cut, steamed and flaked in our rolling mill. Rigorous testing at every point in the process ensures that they meet our strict standards of quality. 


Quick cook oats help to reduce cholesterol

As a whole grain, Nith River quick cook oats supply quality protein, fibre, minerals and many other nutrients essential for growth and good health – especially heart health!


Health Canada recommends eating quick cook oats – an excellent source of beta-glucan soluble fibre – to reduce cholesterol and therefore decrease the risk of heart disease.


Convenient, wholesome and eco-friendly too!

100% of our oats are grown right here in Ontario. This means that our manufacturers and distributors in eastern Canada and the eastern US can re-assure consumers that they are sourcing ingredients locally (or regionally) and therefore are reducing carbon other harmful emissions.


Reduce shipping costs and avoid production delays 

Nith River Milling provides on demand shipping to Eastern Canada and the eastern United States.  We are located only 2 hours from Toronto, Buffalo and Port Huron and 4 hours from Detroit. Call 519-656-2231 today. Product is shipped by bags or totes.


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