Pot Barley

Something extra healthy for the family soup pot 

As its name suggests, pot barley is perfect for adding a handful of good tasting nutrition to a pot of soup or stew. Pot barley is de-hulled barley that has been polished to remove some – but not all – of the outer bran layer from the barley kernel. This makes it more tender than barley that has simply been de-hulled. And it leaves some of the insoluble fibre on the kernel for your family’s good health.


The pot barley that enriches your savoury dish contains more than just insoluble bran. It is also, like oats, a very rich source of a very valuable insoluble fibre, called beta-glucan. Beta-glucan is recommended by Health Canada to reduce cholesterol and the risk of heart disease.


High quality pot barley when you need it

Nith River Milling sources 85% of its barley right here in Ontario – we use only accept the finest barley and we carefully test it at each stage of the milling process to ensure that the pot barley that is shipped to you is the finest quality every time.


Nith River delivers quality pot barley to canning companies and other food manufacturers throughout eastern Canada and the eastern USA. Call 519-656-2231 to ask about shipping or to request specifications or samples.


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