Pearled Barley

The great value of pearled barley

Pearled barley from Nith River is a favourite ingredient for manufactured soups and soup mixes because of its tender texture, its excellent flavour and its superior nutritional benefits.


Creamy white and polished in appearance, this nutritional ‘pearl’ is the more refined way for consumers to enjoy the tremendous nutritional benefits of barley.


The whole-food benefits of Nith River pearled barley

Nith River uses only the highest quality de-hulled barley and further ‘polishes’ it to remove the outer layer of insoluble bran fibre. Though the outer bran layer (the insoluble fibre) has been removed, pearled barley is still considered a whole grain. And this is one of the secrets of its great value nutritionally.


Our pearled barley is rich in beta-glucan fibre

The most valuable dietary fibre of the barley kernel is a soluble fibre called beta-glucan which is distributed throughout the entire barley kernel. This means that it is not polished away in the making of pearled barley. In fact, gram for gram there is actually a slightly higher percentage of this valuable soluble fibre in pearled barley than in de-hulled barley.


Recommended by Health Canada

Health Canada recommends pearled barley and other barley products as an excellent source of beta-glucan, the insoluble dietary fibre known to help reduce cholesterol and the risk of heart disease. Pearled barley is also high in niacin, magnesium, selenium and other valuable vitamins and trace minerals.


Ontario grown and produced

95% of the pearled barley sourced by Nith River is from Ontario growers and it is milled right here in Wellesley, ON. Less than 2 hours from Toronto, Ontario, Nith River Milling is also 2 hours from Buffalo, 2 hours from Port Huron and 4 hours from Detroit.


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