Your Mother was right

Oats are one of nature’s best secrets for a long healthy life.

Nith River oats are the perfect energy food for a pro-active, healthy lifestyle. Full of nutrients, high in both soluble fibre and protein, our oats are also an excellent source of thiamine, iron and powerful antioxidants.


Now you can boast about oats’ health benefits

Health Canada has determined that oats and oat products can now be labelled as having specific health benefits for your consumers.


In fact, eating as little as 3 g a day of beta-glucan fibre from oats can reduce blood cholesterol levels and therefore reduce the risk of heart disease.


Why Nith River oats are perfect for your product

Nith River oats are an ideal ingredient for manufactured nutritious breakfasts and snacks.  We accept only the highest quality oats and we clean and process them according to stringent food industry standards. Our oat products are resilient, nutrient-stable and consistent in quality and moisture content.


All shapes and sizes

Nith River produces quality oat groats, steel cut oat groats (course, medium and fine), large flake oats (thick, regular and thin), and quick cook oats. Let us know what your specifications are. We also provide custom milling services.


We will work with you to make sure the product you order is produced with the greatest possible care according to your exact requirements. Specifications and samples for each of our oat products are available at your request – call 519-656-2231.


Avoid shipping delays

Our plant is centrally located in Wellesley, Ontario, only 2 hours from Toronto, Ontario, 2 hours from Buffalo, NY and Port Huron, Michigan, and 4 hours from Detroit, Michigan. Avoid production delays and save on shipping costs by sourcing your oats from Nith River Milling. Product is shipped by bags or by tote.


Environmentally friendly oats

100% of our oats are grown right here in Ontario – and that means that fewer carbon emissions are required in the production of your Nith River oat ingredients.


Nith River Oats are milled with care using modern European equipment which minimizes the use of precious energy and water resources.


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