Oat Groats

The oat groat – nature’s tiny perfect package

Nith River oat groats (also called oat berries) are the perfect starting point for nutritious, high quality oat flour and oat flakes.  Our painstaking, ultra-modern processing ensures that your customers never have to worry about the quality of your cereals, pantry staples, snacks and baked goods.


Preserving the integrity and goodness of the oat groat

Every shipment of oat kernels is thoroughly tested for quality and purity before being received. The kernels are then thoroughly cleaned and tested again to ensure that they are uniform and completely free from any foreign particles or materials.


De-hulling and stabilizing the oat groats

After cleaning and sizing, the inedible hull is removed from the kernel to produce oat groats. Moisture and heat are then applied to the groats in a steam-conditioning process in order to ‘stabilize’ them.


Why do oat groats need stabilization?

Oat groats contain fatty acids which are essential nutrients for our bodies. Once the hull is removed and the groat is exposed to air these fatty acids are quickly broken by the enzymes in the groat causing rancidity. All oats which are intended for human consumption must be stabilized by ‘kilning’ or steam-conditioning them before they are further processed. This ensures a shelf life of up to 6 months and ensures that the oat groats are uniformly moist.


Supplying oat groats to quality flour millers 

Centrally located in Wellesley, Ontario, Nith River Milling is 2 hours from Buffalo, New York, Toronto, Ontario and Port Huron, Michigan and 4 hours from Detroit, Michigan. We supply quality flour millers throughout eastern Canada and the eastern US. Product is shipped in bags or totes. 


Unstabilized Oat Groats 

Unstabilized oat groats are also available on request from Nith River Milling for pet and livestock feeds.

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