Large Flake Oats

A hearty answer for a healthy lifestyle

Delicious as porridge or as a key ingredient in granolas, snack bars or prepared cereals, our large flake oats provide a hearty appeal for those who want to be pro-active about their health.


The modern answer to old-fashioned nutrition, Nith River large flake oats are stable, nutrient-rich, and high in both protein and fibre. They are a significant source of beta-glucan, a soluble fibre recommended by Health Canada for lowering cholesterol and therefore reducing the risk of heart disease.


Large oat flakes but a tiny carbon ‘footprint’

Our European flaking roller mills are designed to be efficient in their use of energy and water, and are carefully TLC controlled to create the best possible oat flake product. 


Before being rolled into flakes, oat groats are steam-conditioned with resource-efficient technology to carefully pre-defined heat and moisture levels. This process actually strengthens the oat groats for processing by making them less brittle and prone to breakage during the rolling. It also makes the oat flakes more easily digestible and more palatable.


Ontario grown and produced means fewer carbon emissions 

Nith River Large Flake Oats are grown and produced in Ontario for shipment to manufacturers and bulk food suppliers throughout eastern Canada and the eastern US.  Nith River Milling is located only 2 hours from Toronto, Buffalo and Port Huron and 4 hours from Detroit. Product is shipped by bags or by tote.


The perfect ‘bulk food’ choice

Nith River large oat flakes can be sold to consumers as bulk goods or pre-packaged. They create a rich-flavoured porridge which is especially delicious when soaked overnight and then cooked for a few minutes to create a full-bodied, creamy porridge with a satisfying bit of texture.


Food industry appeal

Our large flake oats are resilient and nutrient-stable – the food perfect for a variety of food industry processes. We also offer thick large flake oats for perfect for ribbon mixture blender applications such as granola and granola bars.


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