Flaked Barley

Get the best barley flakes right here in Ontario

Food manufacturers and wholesalers throughout eastern Canada and the eastern US source their barley flakes from Nith River Milling in Wellesley, ON.


Our quality assurance processes and state-of-the-art milling technology ensures consistently nutritious and flavourful barley flakes for your food manufacturing or wholesale requirements.


Health lovers are re-discovering barley flakes

The evidence is mounting! Health advocates and food lovers are turning to barley flakes as a tasty way to stabilize blood sugar levels, and add valuable trace minerals and soluble fibre to their diets.


In fact, barley has been recommended by Health Canada as an excellent source of beta-glucan, a soluble fibre now known to reduce cholesterol and the risk of heart disease: 1 cup per day of barley flakes provides enough beta-glucan to reduce cholesterol levels in both men and women.


Barley flakes to start the day off right

Why start the day with carbs that will leave you feeling hungry again in an hour or two? A breakfast that includes barley flake cereal or porridge will release energy more slowly into your blood stream and help you stay satisfied all morning.


Barley flakes make the perfect addition to granolas, packaged cereals and hot cereal mixes. To make hot cereal from barley flakes cook one part barley flakes to 2 or more parts water for 15 to 20 minutes and add your favourite fruits, nuts or sweetener. For a creamier porridge soak the barley flakes over night before cooking.


The super snack ingredient

Add barley flakes to granola, granola bars and other snack mixtures to enhance both flavour and nutritional value. Barley flakes are packed with nutrition and have a chewy, nutty quality that blends well with other ingredients.


Ask us about our thicker flaked barley which have more resilience in a ribbon mixture and are perfectly suited for manufacturing granola and granola bars. Call us at 519-656-2231 for our specifications or to request a sample.

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