Dehulled Barley

Produce delicious whole barley flour using our

de-hulled barley 

Nith River Milling accepts only the best quality barley kernels to be carefully cleaned, de-hulled and stabilized for use by specialty flour mills and wholesale bakeries across eastern Canada and the eastern USA.


Our strict quality assurance process ensures that the whole grain barley flour milled from Nith River de-hulled barley will be of the highest quality every time. 


What is dehulled barley?

De-hulled barley is barley from which only the inedible outer hull has been removed leaving the outer bran layer of the kernel intact. This outer bran layer provides the insoluble dietary fibre of the barley kernel.  Barley flour which is ground from de-hulled barley is 100% whole grain barley flour.


What’s so great about whole grain barley flour? 

A traditional grain providing unique health benefits, barley is a sought-after alternative for people who value a variety of high quality choices in their diet. Barley flour is high in beta-glucan fibre and important trace minerals.


Barley flour can be used to create moist and flavourful pancakes, cakes, cookies and quick breads. Explore delicious barley recipes online or try substituting one third to one half of the wheat flour with barley flour in your own favourite recipe.  For yeast breads, you can try substitutions of 1/4 or less are recommended. Remember though, that barley flour has a weaker gluten structure than wheat flour so the texture of your yeast product will be affected somewhat.


Adventurous, health-conscious consumers will turn to barley flour for their savoury dishes too! Barley flour can be used to make delicious casserole toppings and as a quality thickener stews, soups and sauces.

Source your de-hulled barley in Ontario

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