Nith River’s HACCP program

When you source your grains from Nith River, you can re-assure your customer that the highest food safety standards are identified and adhered to at every stage of the milling process, every time - and that this adherence is fully tested and documented.


Nith River Milling has voluntarily and successfully implemented HACCP food safety guidelines that govern the production of each batch of milled grains that it ships to you.


HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is a universally recognized preventative approach to food safety. It provides exhaustive standards for identifying, testing for, and responding to problems that affect food safety and quality during each stage of production.


We provide kosher certified milled grains on request

If you manufacture or distribute kosher milled grains or milled grain products, please call us at 519-656-2231 to ask about our kosher certification or to place an order. We are a kosher certified mill and we provide custom orders of fully certified kosher milled grains.


Ask about our certified organic milled grains

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the risk of pesticides and other chemicals in the food their families eat. Nith River Milling recognizes the importance of this growing market.


We provide custom milling of certified organic grains for wholesalers and manufacturers of organic foods. Our certified organic milled grains are pesticide and chemical-free and are not genetically modified.


Call 519-656-2231 for more information about our organic certification process or to place an order for certified organic milled grains from Nith River.

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