Add some wholesome nutrition to your product line

Barley is a hearty, flavourful, grain that has gained some attention recently because of its remarkable health benefits as a food ingredient.  Notably high in beta-glucan fibre, barley is recommended by Health Canada for reducing the cholesterol and the risk of heart disease.


A nutrient-rich grain with less gluten and a lower glycemic index than wheat, barley is exceptionally high in selenium, manganese, phosphorous and other important trace minerals. It can be used to add both flavour and goodness to soups and stews as well as in cereals, snacks and baked products. 


You can rely on the quality of our barley 

Nith River accepts only the best quality barley kernels and carefully cleans and processes them according to exacting standards for purity, moisture level and uniformity. We do extensive testing at every stage of the milling process to ensure that each barley shipment meets your highest standards.


An environmentally friendly approach 

Because Nith River uses modern European barley milling technology we are able to conserve energy and water resources as part of our effort to manage environmental resources responsibly.


Over 80% of the barley we process is grown right here in Ontario. Sourcing our barley regionally means fewer carbon and other harmful emissions due to transportation and you can boast a lower carbon footprint for your end-product. 


On-demand shipping 

Avoid production delays. Take advantage of our on-demand shipping of barley products throughout eastern Canada and the eastern USA. Call us at 519-656-2231.


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